Poticial Will, Sustainability, and Scared Guppies? What I Loved this Week May.6.2018

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Hi there all! It feels great to get back in the habit of writing again. I’m sitting here on my couch, playing slow jazz, and sipping a cup of my favorite coffee while trying to craft the perfect words for this blog. This week I found some really cool posts that I’m excited to share with you all! First, however, I have a few life updates and content updates.

Life and Content Updates

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From http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/reptile-life-expectancy-white-lipped-mud-turtle

In about two weeks I’m going to be heading to Belize for the Summer! I’m super excited! I’ll be doing radio telemetry of the White Lipped Mud Turtle (Kinosternon leucostomum) and how they get dispersed during the flood season. You’ll be seeing a ton of updates about that project here and on my Instagram! My current plan is to take a video every week for the 10 weeks as sort of a highlight reel of my time there. Super excited to share that with you all!


Finals have just finished up and I want to let you into projects that are currently in the works. My business, Snipe Hunt Games LLC, is about to launch a plethora of content. We’re keeping a few things under wraps, but we just finished the first post in our “Why a Game About Blank Would Be Awesome” series! It’s a series where we explore why a game about a seemingly boring topic would, well, make an amazing game! We go into the background material of the subject, the game mechanics, and then open it up to discussion. Our trello board is filled with about 20 topics already mocked up, but our first one is ” Why a Game About Scared Guppies Would Be Awesome!” Whenever it posts, ill be sure to cross-post it here!

Right now those are the only updates I feel are ready to share. I have tons of projects in the works but I want to develop them a bit more, before talking about them on such an open forum. But don’t worry! They will come 😉 Other than that let’s get into the things I loved this week!

Things I loved this Week 5/6/2018

What it means to be Fair Trade


This post follows the Author, Shannon O Donnel of A Little Adrift, and her experience discovering what it means to be sustainable and fair trade. While living in China she met Lee. A coffee shop owner who taught her what really goes into making coffee. Learn about the background behind the Starbucks buzzwords and fall in love with this story about Akha culture, the reality of sustainability, and everyone’s favorite drink, Coffee.

Political Will is a Vital Tool in Conservation


This is a short piece from Cheche Winnie of ChecheWinnie.com who is a conservation blogger from Kenya. This post, although short, really looks into what political will is and how it is necessary for conservation efforts. Included are a few points on how to check if political will is present. Although focused on the Kenyan Government, her post has implications for governments around the globe!

Under the Canopy 360 degree video

I recently was at EarthX in Dallas vending with The Urban Interface. Setup in the back corner of the room was this awesome setup. A darkened room filled with VR Goggles showing about a dozen short films. Among pieces about silence in nature, our coral reefs, and African wildlife, Under the Canopy stood out. I just found the video on Youtube along with a whole slew of clips from behind the scenes as well! If you are able to see this with VR, I highly recommend it!

Rewildling Brtain. BBC Countryfile.

I actually got this video through a lengthy Instagram conversation about the differences between U.S. and Britain land management. Overall I love this concept. Its a type of farming that’s taking hold in the UK wherein parts of farmland are left to grow wild. The result? A shift towards using the natural land as a farming technique (that actually works!), ecologists leading excursions onto these farms for education purposes and an increase in the protection and presence of biodiversity. A seriously awesome video that shows off the landscape, a red deer rut, and a great quick look into rewilding. Check it out!

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