Leading the 2018 Lick Creek Park BioBlitz

A quick media dump from the 2018 BioBlitz. The main feature is a video detailing all the hard work our volunteers did over the survey.

Field Notes: ELM 3.2.2018 – The music in a damp forest

Another night spent at Edith L. Moore. The weather is starting to get better and better. Unfortunately, a cold snap ultimately made this trip another bust for herps. Tonight was completely fogged up. With every breath, I blinded myself as the cloud of moist,…

Field Notes: 20/1/2017 Another night Herping at Edith L. Moore.

I spent another night at my study site. Today was the first day I was able to lay out traps and actually get some measurements. It had rained in the morning and an afternoon of warmth had broken the cold snap we were facing….