Leading the 2018 Lick Creek Park BioBlitz

A quick media dump from the 2018 BioBlitz. The main feature is a video detailing all the hard work our volunteers did over the survey.

Teaching kids how to Herp, neon-colored pot smokers, and owls that go screech in the night-ELM 24.2.2018

Teaching kids how to herp This past survey was a great trip! I was able to take a couple kids on a quick survey. We didn’t find too many cool things, but overall they seemed to have a ton of fun! Both of them were so…

Field Notes: ELM 3.2.2018 – The music in a damp forest

Another night spent at Edith L. Moore. The weather is starting to get better and better. Unfortunately, a cold snap ultimately made this trip another bust for herps. Tonight was completely fogged up. With every breath, I blinded myself as the cloud of moist,…

Field Notes: 20/1/2017 Another night Herping at Edith L. Moore.

I spent another night at my study site. Today was the first day I was able to lay out traps and actually get some measurements. It had rained in the morning and an afternoon of warmth had broken the cold snap we were facing….

Field Notes: Microhabitats, worlds all on their own.

I’m back at E.L.M. Its cold outside, but I am hoping to find some early breeding salamanders. They will start breeding en masse in January, but one can still hope. I’ve found no Salamanders thus far, but I have admired all the microhabitats. Under logs, inside…

Field Notes: First Night at Edith L. Moore

ELM 18-Nov-2017 20:12 Tonight was the 1st night at Edith L Moore. This was not the prime time for herping. I found a fair amount of species given the weather. It is cold, it is windy, and there is a storm front moving in….