About Me

What is Contemporary Conservationist?

Started in 2017 to provide an environment for discussion, the sharing of knowledge and increasing awareness about the natural world around us. This blog provides a platform for the musings, rambling and creations of a young, hopeful conservationist. Written posts, graphic design, and innovative education define what I want to bring to you.

If you love wildlife, the environment or the great outdoors, you have a home here.

So that begs the question:

Freyja and I

Who am I?

My name is Dillon Jones. I am an aspiring conservationist involved heavily in ecological research, wildlife education and reconnecting with the natural world. My research focuses on the ecology of reptiles and amphibians with past projects including acoustic monitoring of the Houston Toad, herpetology surveys of an urban nature sanctuary,  and radio telemetry of the white-lipped mud turtle in Belize.

So what do I want to give to you?

Every week I try to give you content through several different mediums: Journal entries of my travels and research; wildlife photography and videography; information packed graphics and posts. Essentially, I want to Educate. I want to bring you in and show you this world through my eyes. I want to teach you how to be a better writer, researcher, photographer, or conservationist. I want to start a conversation with you on what we can do better on this Earth.

If you like what im doing or the message I’m trying to promote I invite you to follow me. Please read my posts, send me a message, or engage with me. Let’s try to change this world together!