Coming back after a Hiatus and my favorite blog posts of the week – 4/29/2018

Little frog in a log I found yesterday


EDIT** If you read part of this already, please know that I accidentally edited away most of the post. Sorry! 

So this week I decided that I need to take this blog off of hiatus. If you are one of my (few) followers, you may have a noticed an extreme drop in the amount of content I posted. For that, I apologize. Between school, work, managing our startup, Brittany leaving for a job, volunteering at expos and finishing up my research project (whew!) I barely had any time left to dedicate to this blog, but I’m going to get back into it!


Me holding our Peregrine at EarthX the other week. Also me and Brittany’s anniversy. Also Earth Day. Also the day she left for a job in Kentucky for 3 months.


I love writing, I love giving a voice to my thoughts and I love interacting with people who read my blog! but I have to be real to myself. I. AM. BUSY. Not like I have a paper due and prom is tomorrow busy, but like no weekends for months, sleeping is the easiest thing for me to do, and I haven’t fully completed a “today’s to-do list” in weeks. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up this blog! Just changing what I post. So here’s a quick rundown of what I plan on doing:

More informal posts (like this one)

Little frog on my field journal


I want a way to connect with my readers and do more posts that reflect my inner thoughts. Not just me trying to emulate philosophical writers like Leopold and Muir. I spent some time reflecting on what I was producing and I realized something crucial. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. This blog is a reflection of me. While that means everything I produce is going to be top quality, I cant be stressing and worrying about every minute little thing. It took some time, but I realized that its okay if my word choice is not spot on. Its okay if I cant find the third point to make an Oxford Comma happen. It is okay that not every post I create and every word I write is not meticulously laid out to create a powerful narrative. I am me. I need to showcase that better.

More sharing of things I loved this week.


Brittany and I saving an acre of Rainforest through social media


I consume a lot of media. Written blog posts, videos about key issues, or really cool images from NatGeo. Whatever it is I want to share it with you all. I realized that there are a ton of different platforms pushing different content out into the internet. I really want to showcase the platforms and the content that speaks to me. I’m actually starting right now with a list of things I loved this week below.

Giving more to you, the reader


Box turtle we found this past weekend


I realized that I was essentially just dumping random thoughts and journal entries onto this blog. But honestly. Why should you care? There’s a ton of blogs out there that share day to day experiences, but I want to be more than that. I want to make a difference and give something back to my readers. Essentially I want to be a resource. Not just a diary. Below are a few topics and initiatives I plan on rolling out.

  • Dissecting conservation/wildlife videos, photos, and other media to see why they work
  • Helpful guides about topics I know. Citizen Science, Herpetology, Conservation etc.
  • More topics for discussion. Beyond just my thoughts on a particular day, I want to do deep dives into topics that I find really really interesting. “Why does conservation matter in the 21st century?” “What can a non-professional conservationist do other than donate money?” “How to get started herping.”

More opportunities to get to know me.

Our flagship boardgame VIXIV

Did you know I have a startup board game company? Or that I handle birds of prey for education? Or that I have Goldendoodle named Dudley?

I spent so much time cultivating the professional self of me that I failed to inject any personality or my actual life into my blog. That changes today. If you follow me on Instagram @contemporary_conservationist you know that I try to actively comment and engage, do livestreams, and am always available by direct message. I want to bring that same energy and openness to all my platforms. I’m still trying how to work that out on this blog, but I promise that changes are in the work.

A more connected Contemporary Conservationist


Little Virginia oppossum I made friends with


I have spread myself thin. While yes, that means I have a presence everywhere, the downside is that each of those platforms falls short. I let this blog go completely to focus on other things. I cant change the amount of time in a day I have, but I plan to be more active on multiple platforms, and less active on a single platform. With that, I am connecting all of my platforms together. My Instagram is going to have a feed on this blog. I’m working on developing a youtube channel for Q+A’s, any videography stuff I do, or just to create awesome videos about a topic I am passionate about.

So what does that mean to you? That means that I will have more diverse content. Not just pictures, not just blogs, and not just videos. While pictures and written work will still make up the majority of what I do, I am going to be encompassing them into more content for you all.

So with all that in mind I hope you follow this blog and comment below if you have any burning thoughts or comments on what I’ve written. With that in mind here are a few things that I stumbled upon this week that I simply adore!

The things I loved this week

Written media

How photography and blogging can promote wildlife conservation- Travel 4 Wildlife

Hal Brindley over at wrote this awesome piece on how photography and blogging promotes wildlife conservation. This is a topic I support fully. It is something I am trying to push, and if you want a more in-depth explanation of why it works, I would check his post out.

Find it here at:

Fiordland Kiwi Diaries – Department of Conservation Blog

This is a podcast I’ve followed for some time now. Its an awesome blog run by the New Zealand Department for Conservation that details what project they are currently working on. The one I’m linking to, Fiordland Kiwi Diaries, is an amazing series that I love to read whenever it hits my inbox.

Find it here at:


The invisible paw – Freakonomics

I was doing a bunch of driving earlier last week so I had the time to catch up on a few podcasts. One of my favorites is Freakonomics. I won’t go into the details of the show, because it is such a powerhouse podcast that I feel everyone at least knows about it. The episode that I got to listen to was an amazing piece on if animals, and in this case monkeys, will follow the same economic patterns of humans when a form of currency is introduced. An amazingly insightful podcast that I really enjoyed listening to.

Find it here at:

Other content

Birds of North America Poster – Pop Chart Lab

The folks over at Pop Chart Lab made this awesome poster that shows all. ALL. of the birds of North America on 1 poster. If you’re a birder, a naturalist, or someone who likes hanging avian posters in your hallway this poster is an amazing piece.

Find it here at:

Pointillism Elephant – Krist Stevens

Krista Stevens, another WordPress blogger, shared this post recently. While very short it shows a pointillism piece of an Elephant from the artist Q. Rumbley. I love it!

Find it here at:

Celia in Tokyo – Feature by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

This is a gallery of Tokyo in all its glory. Celia Knox is a teacher and blogger who now lives in Tokyo. The pictures that she has been taking are beautiful and amazing snapshots of life in Tokyo. Whether it’s the Cherry Blossoms or the local artwork its an amazing gallery nonetheless.

Find it here at:

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