Joy of the Mountain

The greatest joy of climbing a mountain is not during the trek up. That is numbing, taxing and a true test of mental fortitude. The true joy begins, moments from summiting the top. At the summit, you cast aside how difficult the journey up was. And ain or mental blocks are forgotten. You take in the view and notice how alive you are. Perspective, both physical and spiritual, is what you achieve.

Then begins the climb down. With newfound energy, you torpedo down the rocky trail. With every 100 feet a new breath of richer air fills your lungs. You pass by every spot you took a break. Every spot you considered quitting. Every spot you stopped to massage your aching bones and burning muscles. And you do so with ease. Climbing down makes you feel that the hardships you faced were easy. Nothing can compare to sense of pure exhilaration as you descend.

Your joy peaks when you reach the bottom. You look back towards the summit and realize that you have conquered an obstacle much bigger than yourself. You pushed through pain and exhaustion. Most importantly, you pushed through your own mind full of doubts. It makes any struggle you have in life seem trivial to what you just accomplished. You sit down. Take a deep breath. Smile, and know that you fought to the top.

Then you crack open a beer. You accidentally left it out of the cooler, but that warm amber drink is the best thing you’ve had in a very long time. This is pure joy.

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