First night in Guadalupe Mountain NP. Trip Journal: Wed 27 Dec 17 Part 1

I just got back to camp. I decided to spend a few nights at Guadalupe Mountains National Park after Christmas. I wanted my brothers to come, but the drive was too much for them. So I am alone.

The first night left me frozen and needing a trip to the closest town. In my haste, I left my sleeping pad, butane tank, and good socks back home. I was lucky. A ranger at the information station gave me a few tanks of butane that other campers had left. That got me a hot breakfast and coffee. I made due without a pad by laying down all my jackets and some clothes. That gave my back a reprieve from the rocks. However, despite two pairs of socks, blankets, and my sleeping bag my feet were numb when I woke up. That left me needing a trip to town.

I decided to set out towards Carlsbad, New Mexico. It was about an hour drive and I figured I could swing by the caverns on my way back. The trip there was filled with very few sights. Fog surrounded me like a bag over my head. Mountain ranges were gobbled up by the white blanket. The only thing I could see was the road immediately in front of me and the occasional set of brake lights peering out like red eyes from the fog. It was dangerous, scary, but amazing. FUTURE ME: I later found out that this was less fog and more clouds. The currents coming from the mountains, paired with the dust, caused the clouds to hang low to the ground. They took a long while to left and I even had to drive through it on a sunny day when heading back home.

At the store, I found a cheap sleeping pad, thick socks, and good beer. I was set for the night.


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