Field Notes: First Night at Edith L. Moore

ELM 18-Nov-2017 20:12

Tonight was the 1st night at Edith L Moore. This was not the prime time for herping. I found a fair amount of species given the weather. It is cold, it is windy, and there is a storm front moving in.

The forest is alive but not with animals. The wind breaks every loose twig and rustles every free leaf. This park is beautifully maintained, but I am constantly reminded of humans. The constant drone of traffic, the lights from backyards lighting my path, and the laughter from families enjoying the fall weather. I’m beginning to think I mind more than the reptiles.

Despite the signs of the Anthropocene, this park holds beauty. Something this dense with knowledge and education is wonderful. Today I saw a mother teaching her child the alphabet using trail markers. Children flipping rocks with curious eyes. Families enjoying every step of trails while I just lamented on the human disturbance.

Who is really disturbed? The one with knowledge who only sees problems? Or the happy ones are blind to any issue.

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